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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot 3D Printed Treads

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Tread Pattern


Vector Robot 3D Printed Treads (Formerly Anki Vector) - Does not fit Cozmo

You will get one set of treads for your Vector in the color and tread pattern of your choice. (One set = 2 treads)

4 tread patterns to choose from
1- Diagonal bar - Directional tread ** See note below
2- Original bar
3- Square Knobby
4 - Round Knobby

These treads are 3D printed in a flexible plastic (TPU), but they are not quite as rubbery as the original, so vector may have trouble rolling his cube. Otherwise, he should have no issues backing onto his charger, doing wheel stands, or any other actions he performs. The inner "nubs" are slightly smaller than the original, but I have tested them on my own vector for over a year, and they work great!

These can fit on Cozmo but are wider than his original tracks. See other listing in my shop for Cozmo 3D Printed Treads!

Please note, this listing for the 3d printed treads only and does not include the Vector Robot