Who is 3D Designs by Dauler?

3D Designs by Dauler was started in December 2018 when a robot and technology enthusiast got an idea of making 3D printed treads for a new cute little desktop robot.  After a storm of positive community feedback and requests  to be able to buy the colored treads.. 3D Designs by Dauler was born.  3D Designs by Dauler is not affiliated with or associated to any of the companies that produce the robots that our accessories are made for.  We merely love robots and love helping robot owners customize their favorite robot pals.


Who is Dauler?

The founder and owner of 3D Designs by Dauler is of course "Dauler".  Dauler is a long time technology enthusiast with a passion for robots, 3d printing, and any cool technology.  The name "Dauler" is a long time online and gaming name..   kind of like "Neo"

Where does 3D Designs by Dauler Ship to?

We ship worldwide!  There may be some COVID related or other shipping restrictions, so check the link at the bottom of the shop page for information on shipping disruptions before ordering.  We are based in US so international shipping can be a little prices depending on what you order.  Shipping on Vinyl Decal ONLY orders is always free!

 What is the quality of 3D Printed Items?

3D Printed items such as the Vector Dummy Cube, LED Cube and Treads are very high quality. Upon close inspection, you will see layers (as can be seen in the photos), but these items are durable and long lasting. 

Can the vinyls be removed and re-used?

Vinyls are made with a semi-permanent adhesive. These CAN be removed and will not leave any residue, but may stretch or tear. Careful removal and placement on wax paper may result in the ability to re-use them, but this is not guaranteed.

The item I want is out of stock, will they be available again?

It takes time to make every order. I don't want you to order something and not get it quickly, so available quantities are limited so that we can keep up with orders and get them out on time. If an item you want is sold out, check back in a day or two as we frequently make more items available as we get orders out.


I would like a custom item or have an idea for a new product

I frequently get requests for custom or unique items as well as suggestions for new products.  Let me know what you are looking for and I'd be happy to discuss options for custom designs or listen to your suggestions for new or improved items.

There is a problem with my order, what can I do?

I believe in providing the same level of customer service that I would want to get from other businesses.  Although I cannot accept returns or exchanges, please contact me with any issues and I will do my best to resolve the problem.


How are the products from 3D Designs by Dauler made?

All of the products in this shop are custom designed and made by the shop owner.  Each item is designed by hand and tested on my own robot buddies to ensure proper fit and quality.

Decals are produced using a cutting machine and high quality semi-permanent adhesive vinyl, then hand weeded before shipping to customers.

3D Printed items are printed using either an FDM 3D Printer with high quality material such as PLA (rigid parts) or TPU (flexible parts) - or with a 3D DLP Resin printer using ABS-Like UV Curable resin.  Both methods provide high quality, long lasting parts.  See below for a video demonstrating a dummy cube being made from start to finish!

Making a Dummy Cube:  https://youtu.be/eKvmWujpv0A