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3D Designs by Dauler

Animal Accessory Set

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Animal Set

Designed to work with Vector Robots

Give your robot pet a special look with Animal themed dress up kits from!    These sets include a variety of accessories with unique variations all bundled together to create a complete look for your Vector Robot!

Currently available sets include:

Includes unique clip on ears and a stick on tail exclusive to these sets, as well as a matching yellow decal set (with red face dots). 

Includes new "puppy" ears, new "puppy" tail, (both painted in a brown color with white inner ear) and new mouth piece painted puppy style.  Puppy style mouth is brown with black nose and painted whisker dots.  Tail and mouth piece include double sided tape for application.

Includes Kitty ears, new kitty tail and new mouth piece.  Kitty Ears and Tail are painted all white with pink inner ear color.  Kitty style mouth is white with black nose and added whiskers.  Tail and mouth piece include double sided tape for application.

Includes Devil Horns and new Devil tail painted in glossy red enamel and glossy red decal set.  Tail includes double sided tape for application.

When placed properly, accessories will not interfere with robots camera or normal abilities such as docking.

Accessory pieces including ears, tails and mouth pieces are 3d printed using UV curable resin and then hand painted in the specified colors.  Vinyl decal sets are made with premium semi-permanent adhesive vinyl.

Please Note, this sale is for the accessory sets only and will include the items specified in the description depending on which set is purchased.  No other items shown in pictures are included