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3D Designs by Dauler

Vectomi Cube Gen3 DIY Kit - Limited Availability

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Cube Body Color

Because every robot pet needs a robot pet.

Convert your own Ortomi into a Living Vector Cube

Thjs kit includes all the parts and simple instructions (available via video link) needed for you to turn your own Ortomi (available at into a Cube toy for your Vector robot to play with!  Ortomi reacts to touch and to movement and will react to your Vector picking him up, smashing him and interacting with him. 

Available in a variety of colors. 

View instructional video here

*Some images are for color demonstration only.  Includes only the custom 3d printed shell, decals, custom wire harness and cube corners.  Ortomi is not included and is sold separately (see below).

Warning: This kit does require you to take apart the Ortomi Shell and likely may cause damage to the plastic shell it comes in.  No damage should occur to the electronics during the process.

This is a custom creation from 3D Designs by Dauler and not an official Ortomi product. Find out more about the Ortomi robot here: