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3D Designs by Dauler

Robot Barrier System - Large Set

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This kit is designed to work with various desktop pet robots.   When assembled, the kit makes a 17x17 inch play area (or larger depending on the configuration), however it is designed to be modular so it can be assembled in smaller sizes.  There are notches under many of the parts to allow for a cord to be routed underneath the barrier.  There are also slots on top of the pieces to add the included Sign and for future add-ons.  The kit includes both double sided strong but removable tape as well as silicone non-slip pads.  Use the tape to secure the barriers to a surface or use the silicone pads to help prevent the barrier from moving around without having to attach it to a surface.

This kit includes the following parts:
Inner Corner x4
Sign x1
End Piece L x2
End Piece R x2
Large Straight x16
Sign Decals set
Double sided tape and silicone non-slip pads
Instruction sheet

Add other sets like the outward corner set to make larger and more unique play spaces!

Special Colors:
Black/Yellow Combo - this is a mix of black and yellow parts
Black/Clear Combo - this is a mix of black and clear(ish) parts
Cookies & Cream Combo - this is a mix of black, gray and marlbe parts
Camo Combo - this is a mix of black, army green, tan and brown parts
Maroon/Army Green Combo - this is a mix of maroon and army green parts
Pink/Marble Combo - this is a mix of pink and marble parts
Rainbow Combo - parts mixed in a rainbow of colors

Special Rainbow Set - Includes all parts for large set PLUS the add on outer-corner set in a rainbow of colors!