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3D Designs by Dauler

Dauler's BotPod - Very Limited Quantity Available

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This kit includes everything needed to run a WirePod server for your Vector.   This kit includes a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, 16GB Micro SD card pre loaded with the WirePod Software and custom scripts and a unique custom made 3d printed shell complete with temperature activated 30mm 5V cooling fan and shutdown button. 

*Note, you will need a micro-USB power supply that provides 5V/2A power.  This is an example:

Tested with 3 Bots running with no issues, may support up to 5-6 Bots although frequent voice commands to all bots may cause the device to bog down.

This device is available in a variety of colors (see images).

On-boarding your bot is easy with the included instructions!

Wire-Pod is a free 3rd party tool that can be loaded onto a variety of devices that can run locally on your own network.  It allows you to setup a vector and run voice commands without the need for any other service.