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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot Stick-on Spoiler Accessory

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Vector Robot (Formerly Anki Vector) Spoiler / Racing Wing Accessory

The spoiler is designed to stick on to your Vector (or Cozmo) with included double sided tape and does not require modification or removal of any Vector Parts.

This item is available in multiple 3D Printed resin colors For an additional $3, get your spoiler painted to closely match Vector's Original Color.

Spoiler parts are 3D Printed using a high quality resin 3D Printing process using ABS-Like resin for durability.

This spoiler will NOT interfere with Vector's ability to dock and charge with his home, and depending on the placement of the spoiler, should not affect his ability to do wheel stands.

Suggested Placement: The lower most part of the spoiler should be level with the top of the "anki" logo on the back of Vector. Simply peel the red protective tape off of the double sided tape and stick it to him! This spoiler can also easily be removed by using a small flat plastic device (small plastic spatula?) to pry off where the double sided tape is applied. Avoid pulling on the spoiler as it may break!

Please note, this listing is ONLY for the selected spoiler kit. No other items in the photos will be included with purchase.