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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot Retro Ear Trim

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Vector Robot (Formerly Anki) Retro Ear Trim Mod 3D Printed

This is an original design made to replace Vector's inner and outer ear trim pieces and give him a retro look. These should pop on and off just like his original ear trim and can be placed with the louver openings in either direction (forward or backward).

Choose your color - Transparent Ruby Red, Transparent Ocean Blue, Black Smoke and Porcelain White - More colors may be added later

The retro ear trim is made to give your Vector a retro robot look with louvered ear panels. These are 3D printed using a resin DLP printer with an ABS like resin to ensure dimensional accuracy, print quality and durability. These can easily be painted to any color you desire!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to the very thin nature of these parts and 3d printing, these parts can be fragile and may break when removing them.  Due to this, you will receive 2 sets when ordering.

This listing is only for 2 sets of inner ear trim pieces (four pieces) in the selected color. These do not fit the Cozmo Robot. No other items shown in pictures will be included.

To replace - Turn Vector off, Gently pop off the inner ear trim pieces, then gently pop off the outer ear trim pieces.  Snap in the retro ear pieces and enjoy!