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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot Replacement Butt Plate 3D Printed

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Butt Plate Style

Vector Robot (Formerly Anki Vector) 3D Printed Replacement Butt Plate

Did your little buddy fall and break his behind? No worries, I got you covered, literally!

3D printed replacement butt plate for Anki Vector is designed to replace the existing butt plate. It has been designed to be very close to the original.

** If your vector needs a little junk in his trunk, then get the available Cheeky Option!

This item will be 3D printed using a resin DLP printer to ensure dimensional accuracy and print quality. It is printed in resin, painted in a graphite color with a satin clear coat which closely matches Vector's original color. More colors may be added at a later date.

These can easily be painted to any color you desire!

Please note, this is not an EXACT copy of the original. Due to material and production limitations, the plate is slightly thicker than the original. However, the 3D printed part will attach the same way as the original, using the original screws. ** The "Cheeky" Version may interfere with Vectors Wheel Stand Maneuver. This listing is only for 1 replacement butt plate for Anki Vector. These do not fit Anki Cozmo (please see other listing for other Vector and Cozmo parts). No other items shown in pictures will be included.