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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Mini and Micro Replicas

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Mini and Micro Vector Replicas!

There are three versions to choose from!

Mini Vector and Vector Ornament - 50% of Vector's Original Size (about the size of Vectors Head.  Gold Vinyl Decals are added to the back and head sides of the Mini Vector and Vector Ornament to replicate the look of the original Vector Robots, and you get to pick your favorite eye color (also vinyl decals).   The Ornament version has a loop added so he can be hung from a string.

Micro Vector - 33% Of Vector's Original Size (about the size of Vector's front wheel).  These come as all black and do not have any decals applied.  But they are soooo cute!!!!

This Mini Vector pairs great with the Vector Mini Cube Keychain as they are produced at the same scale!

The D3D Mini and Micro Vector Robot Ornament was modeled from scratch to closely resemble the Vector Robot. These are 3D Printed using a resin DLP 3D Printer using a black ABS-Like Resin.