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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot Home Symbol Decal

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Vector Robot (Formerly Anki Vector) GLOSSY Vinyl Home Symbol Decals.

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A huge variety of types and colors of Vector Vinyl Home Decals including Glossy and Matte colors as well as premium Carbon Fiber, Chrome and Holographic colors!

This decal is designed as the same size as the home icon on Vector's Charger Base. Available in a rainbow of matte and glossy colors as well as some premium chrome and holographic colors.

The Standard decals can be placed on Vector's home charger to add extra color, however, many colors (especially lighter and chrome colors) will interfere with Vector's ability to recognize his home and charge. It's only recommended to use darker contrasting colors.

The Inverse Version if placed over the home symbol on the charger will most likely interfere with Vector's ability to see his home charger unless it is a lighter non-reflective and contrasting color.

Colors may vary slightly from photos and selection may change periodically.  Not all colors may be shown.  If you there is a color you want but do not see, contact us and we will help you out!

Please note, this listing for the Home Symbol vinyl decals only and does not include the Anki Vector Robot or charger or other decals shown in the photos. If ordering more than one, please contact me for special pricing.