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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot Full Spoiler Accessory

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Spoiler Kit
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Vector Robot (Formerly Anki Vector) Spoiler / Racing Wing Accessory


The spoiler is designed to work with the same modified butt plate that is provided with the Vector Trailer (also available in this shop). There is also a version of the spoiler available that sticks on with included double sided tape and does not require the modified butt plate or removal of any Vector Parts. (see other listings in the shop)

This item includes the full spoiler, the modified replacement butt plate and 2 screws.
This item Requires removal/replacement (very easy) of the stock butt plate (see below).

For an additional $3, get your spoiler/butt plate painted to closely match Vector's Original Color.

Spoiler parts are 3D Printed using a high quality resin 3D Printing process using ABS-Like resin for durability. Vector will be unable to do wheel stands while the full spoiler is installed. However, the spoiler is easily removed using the two screws which attach it to the modified rear plate. Vector WILL be able to back onto his home and charge with all versions of the spoiler attached.

The modified rear plate is easy to install: 1. Remove Vector's Treads 2. Carefully pop off Vectors rear wheel caps 3. Use a small phillips screw driver to remove Vectors rear wheels 4. Use a small phillips screw driver to remove the two screws hidden just under Vectors rear wheels 5. Remove the rear plate 6. Install the modified rear plate using the same screws that you removed in step 4 7. Replace Vector's wheels, wheel caps and treads. Please note, this listing is ONLY for the selected spoiler kit. No other items in the photos will be included with purchase.