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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector Robot Dummy Cube -ROYGBP

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Vector Robot (Formerly Anki Vector) Dummy Cube

These are designed to be replicas of Vector's Cube. They are dummy cubes because they have no electronics. Place it near vector and his "real" smart cube, and he will actually interact with it just like his real cube!  He will pick it up, roll it, pounce on it and more.  He just will not be able to "connect" with it like his original cube.

Cube colors available in this listing:  Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Vector Robot Dummy Cube - PBSGBW (Pink, Brown, Silver, Gray, Black, White)
Vector Robot Glowing Dummy Cube - Glow in the dark dummy cube
Vector Robot Flashing Dummy Cube - LED Flashing Dummy Cube

This item is 3D printed and is offered in a variety of box colors with options for different colored corners.  Color availability may change from time to time and not all cube and cube and corner colors seen in pictures may be available.

The corners are 3D printed in a flexible plastic, but they are not quite as rubbery as the original, so vector may have trouble rolling his cube, but he can still pick it up, do wheel stands and pounce on it.

Please note, this listing is for one 3d printed cube only, and does not include the Anki Vector Robot