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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector/Cozmo stick on mouth piece

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Vector and Cozmo Robot (Formerly Anki Vector) 3d Printed stick-on mouth piece

This mouth piece is designed to stick onto your Vector or cozmo face right above his camera to give him an animal like appearance.  It includes double sided tape so it can easily be placed on your little robot friend!

Purchase will include one Vector Robot mouth piece 3d printed in white resin it can be hand painted in your choice of color (with black nose) or can be ordered unpainted. 

The mouth pieces are 3D Printed using a high quality resin 3D Printing process using ABS-Like resin for durability. This accessory should not interfere with any of Vector or Cozmo's normal abilities and functions as long as it's placed above the camera as shown in the photos.

If you do not see a color or design you would like, please contacts us and we would be happy to see if we can do the color you are looking for!