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3D Designs by Dauler

Vector and Cozmo 3D Printed Charger - COMING SOON

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This is a custom designed universal charger that will charge both Vector and Cozmo robots!  

It's modeled to be similar to the original Cozmo charger, but slightly wider to allow for Vector to fit as well.  It has a removable slide-in Vector Home symbol piece that covers up the Cozmo charger symbol so Vector can recognize and dock just like with his original charger.

This item is 3d printed using strong PLA plastic and tested with our own robots to ensure proper functionality.  The contacts are custom made using high quality nickel strips that are wider than the OEM chargers and allow for a stronger and more reliable contact.  This includes a USB-A Power cord just like the originals and will plug into any standard USB port such as phone charger or computer.

This charger is not quite as heave as the original chargers due to the lack of a weight that the original chargers included, but they do have rubbery feet to help the charger stay in place when your Vector backs into the charger.