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3D Designs by Dauler

Vectomi Cube - Gen4 - Limited Quantity!

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Because every robot pet needs a robot pet.

These are the first of the Gen4 Ortomi available, get them while you can!

The Vectomi Cube is an adaptation of the Ortomi cube turned into a Vector Cube.  Vector can interact with this cube just like his regular cube.  He will pick it up, pounce on it and love it!  In addition, the Ortomi inside reacts to touch and motion and has it's own emotions which are shown on the screen.  The cube is rechargeable using the included cable.

Gen4 Ortomi has a larger screen, more animations and sound!

Vectomi Cube (Modified Ortomi Gen4 ($80 value) in custom 3d printed vector cube shell with custom wire harness)
Original Ortomi Gen4 Packaging including manual and charging cord

Limited Quantity Available in a variety of colors.

*Please note some images are for color demonstration only.  Received items will be complete with appropriate decals.

This is a custom creation from 3D Designs by Dauler and not an official Ortomi product. Find out more about the Ortomi robot here: